Lampedusa, Italy

Lampedusa is a small island in the Mediterranean sea, located closer to Africa than to Italy, but politically part of Italy. Here is one of the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen: the Rabbit beach. Crystal clear water that you can see the bottom. But it is too crowded in summer. The best time to visit the island is between may and june. Photos taken with iPhone 4.





15 thoughts on “Lampedusa, Italy

    1. It’s a wonderful place! You’re right, unfortunately is known for immigration. The island is situated more closely to Africa than Italy. Many immigrants have died trying to reach Italy. Absolutely unacceptable! That’s a sad and difficult situation. Hope the European governments will find a solution.

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      1. c’est magnifique, but there’s sadness and despair behind…
        @”Absolutely unacceptable!” – sooo true, but I’m quite skeptical about a near future solution of the EU governments, hélas! 😦
        * * *
        ciao e à presto! con amicizia, Mélanie

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